Lockdown nail care

Take time to look after your nails…

How are your nails holding up during lockdown?

With nail salons closed for the foreseeable future, Avon do a number of products that may help you to make it through the current lockdown. Here is my rescue package and links to protect your nails until you I can get back to your salon.

Step 1

Nail Experts Restoring Cuticle Cream

This caring cuticle cream is enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E to condition and help protect dry, cracked cuticles.

Gently massage cream into cuticles and around nail bed to soften and help repair.

Step 2

Express Growth Nail Serum

The miracle growth serum for longer, stronger-feeling nails in just 5 days. Infused with baobab and acacia extract to help hydrate

Massage into nails and cuticles to help support healthy nail growth.

Step 3

Nail Experts Ultimate Hardening Base Coat

Tired of weak nails that chip, split and break? Give them the TLC they need with our Ultimate Hardening Nail Treatment. A nail strengthening polish, it works to harden your nails, making them tougher and more durable*.

Buff and file your nails until smooth, and apply the Ultimate Hardening Base Coat. With a shimmering finish, you can either wear it alone or as a base coat for polish.

Step 4

7-in-1 Nail Treatment

The nail treatment with 7 healthy benefits to prep nails for a beautifully manicured finish.

  1. Covers imperfections

  2. Fills ridges

  3. UV filters to help prevent discolouration and yellowing

  4. Protects

  5. With restoring vitamins C and E

  6. Strengthens

  7. Acts as a base coat

Use as a base coat before your favourite nail colour for nails that are primed to perfection.

Still looking for an alternative?

The Nailcare Collection

Protect, restore and colour nails, then finish with a setting spray for a mani that cares.

1. Cuticle Cream: with caring aloe vera and vitamin E to condition and help protect dry, cracked cuticles. 2. BB Nail Colour: creamy colour with built-in primer to protect and strengthen nails. 3. Freeze Dry Spray: dries polish to touch in 60 seconds and helps prevent wrinkles and smudges



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