Avon Brochure 11 - Week 4 Update

As we head into the final week or so of Campaign 11 - now running to the end of the calendar month - it is time to update the Instant Brochure and to bring you all of the best deals from Avon.

Click https://bit.ly/InstantBrochure11_Week4_OBD to discover the latest offers, or of course visit my online store at http://bit.ly/OnlineBeautyDirect:

Introducing the NEW Moisturising Hand Spray: 1x @2.25 or 3x for £5

Basic Everyday Supplies Pack: 2x Geo Print Face Coverings, 1x Blue Face Covering and 2x Moisturising Hand Gel 100ml - all 5 for £12 (code 67595)

Everyday Supplies Family Pack: 3x Geo Print Face Coverings, 2x Blue Face Coverings, 2x Moisturising Hand Gel 100ml and 2x Moisturising Hand Gel 250ml - all 9 for £18 (code 69666)

And you get FREE standard delivery on all orders over £20.

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